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Tests conclude IE10 blocks 99.6% malware, bests competition scores

Recent tests conducted by NSS labs concluded that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10 web browser blocks 99.6% of all malware.

Internet Explorer 10 Windows 8

In a recent study conducted by the NSS Labs on the malware blocking capability of today’s web browsers, Internet Explorer surprised all by trumping the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to trump the test by offering a superb 99.6% malware blocking rate, a result that would make Microsoft puff up and walk around with their chin held high.

IE10 security features

Microsoft decided to detail some of the barriers used in IE10 that helps stop malware attacks by websites with malicious activity. Internet Explorer 10 uses SmartScreen URL filtering and Application Reputation features as first level protection, XSS Filter for normally trusted sites that may have been infected by malware and an Enhanced Protected Mode as part of its numerous other memory protection measures.

IE10 security features

Secunia Vulnerability Review 2013, another reputed third-party security report, also put Microsoft’s browser ahead of competition from Google and Mozilla foundation. Microsoft will release the world’s first public preview version of their upcoming IE11 browser as part of the Windows 8.1 Preview version, scheduled for an unveiling and public release next week at Microsoft’s annual BUILD conference. Mark the date, 26th of June, on your calendars.

Source: Microsoft Blog via Neowin

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