minislr02 Thanko presents their ultra portable SLR camera

Thanko unveiled a new camera that has all the touches and edges of a standard SLR camera, except that it is scaled in a size that is a lot lower than what you'd normally expect.

When was the last time you heard the words "pocket" and "SLR" come together in a single term? Probably never. Thanko's new product though, may prove that such concept could exist, although it won't necessarily take the literal meaning you're currently thinking.

minislr02 Thanko presents their ultra portable SLR camera

The "SLR-ish Camera" (Ichigan Refu-ppoi Kamera) is a camera that, for the average viewer, has unmistakable standard features. It has the shape, the edges, and contours of a standard SLR camera. However, upon seeing the camera face to face, you'd immediately understand why the product name describes it as "SLR-like". This is actually tiny pocket camera, in other words, a miniaturized replica.

minislr01 Thanko presents their ultra portable SLR camera

But don't dismiss it as an SLR enthusiast's collector keychain, or as a failed attempt to create a "trendy" spy camera, because even though it's tiny, it does function normally as a camera. Depending the type of setting that is used, the two buttons at the top of the camera can allow a user to get still shots or record video. The tiny size of the camera makes it quite interesting to use, since you still have to use it like a normal sized camera, though it's probably more interesting watch someone else use it.

For still shots, it can take pictures with a maximum resolution of 2560×1920, while videos can be recorded at 280×720. Still shots are saved as JPEG files, and videos are in AVI format (unspecified codec). All recorded stuff are saved in a microSD card, which is conveniently inserted on a dedicated slot.

minislr04 Thanko presents their ultra portable SLR camera

Aside from the camera itself, the SLR-ish Camera also has a few convenient features such as a strobe light and a motion detection feature (along with a "motion detection" camera mode). The dimensions of the camera unit are 38 x 33 x 28 mm, and it only weighs 17 grams. It is charged via USB, and as you may have guessed already, the battery is not removable.

The SLR-ish Camera is currently available at Thanko's Rare Mono Shop, with a price tag of about 6,000 yen (58.5 USD).

Source: MyNavi (JP)