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Thanko’s “Peeping Tom” USB Microscope

Thanko introduces the USB Flexible Endoscopic Light Scope DX2 USB microscope. The main feature of the unit is a flexible camera, an optical tool that would have been typically used only on medical check up procedures or on certain special observation/optical tasks.

Looking through tight corners and small spots with a camera can be very difficult. Even with the use of smaller cameras, flexibility still often becomes the issue. It'd be great if we can get those medical endoscopes to be easily available to the market. Thankfully though, Thanko has the affordable and commercially viable solution.

The USB Flexible Endoscopic Light Scope DX2 is designated as a USB microscope. Yes, it is in the same line as those low powered rigid optical devices, but there is one very small but important (albeit obvious) difference. It makes use of a flexible cable, therefore enabling the user to stick the microscope into small cracks and nooks where your average USB camera or microscope can't reach.

The "endoscopic" camera is 10mm in diameter. The four LED lights around the camera allow the unit to efficiently search in dark areas, and of course keep the energy consumption to the USB allowed minimum. It uses a 0.3 megapixel CMOS sensor, has a maximum "viewing angle" of 60 degrees, and has a focal length of 50mm.

In addition, the camera's cable length is 83cm, while the USB cable is 185cm. The portion that connects the camera cable to the main unit is water proof. It's optimized for USB 2.0 ports, has a unit weight of 210g, and works on Windows XP/Vista/7 OS. The price of one unit in Japan is 4980 yen (54 USD).

Source: MyNavi (JP)

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