Today we bring you to take a closer look at the 2nd coming of Asus’s full copper CPU cooler – the Silent Knight II !

Arriving in a tall box showcasing the special "spread fins" design of the heatsink, the Silent Knight II is as ominous as its predecessor.

It is huge, with the copper fins spread out occupying nearly 80% of the heatsink! 6 copper heatpipes sit neatly arranged side by side at the bottom.

A large air-guard, strapped onto the middle, guides airflow into the central location of the heatsink. There’s even an indication of the direction of airflow! Very considerate!


The Silent Knight II comes with retenation clips and brackets for nearly every concurrent platform out there – all users ranging from the 754/939/AM2 to the LGA 775 series will not find themselves left behind!