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The Clash of the Titans – Gigabyte G1.Assassin Reviewed

Let's do a simple unboxing of the G1.Killer Assassin Motherboard, using pictures.

There's a box within a box! Suited to the theme, the inner box(right) is even wearing a coat with digital camouflage pattern. It will be where the motherboard and accessories are found.

Heh! A box with a window which reveals some weapons within!

Free G1.Killer poster as well as stickers with your purchase of the G1.Killer Assassin.

4 SATA 6Gbps cables, CrossfireX,SLI,3-Way SLI bridges, I/O Shield, User Manual and a Front Panel Expansion Kit will be included within the box. However, I personally feel that there should be more SATA cables given, especially when the motherboard has got 8 SATA Ports. A more pleasing design on the 3-Way SLI bridge will be good as well. On the whole, I personally like the way that the cables and accessories are well organized within the box. 

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