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The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 11 May 2011

In today's news roundup:

  • AMD has admitted that it is willing to reconsider its 'x86 everywhere' strategy if market conditions change drastically, in spite of it having no intention to license ARM technologies for use in producing ARM processors at this point of time;
  • ASUS has announced the launch of two new self-designed graphics cards, the Radeon HD 6770 DirectCU and HD 6750 Formula;
  • Motion Computing's enterprise-centric CL900 tablet is finally available for ordering in the US at the starting price of US$899;
  • Microsoft has reportedly sent at least two employees packing from its offices over the alleged leak of the beta builds of its upcoming Windows 8 operating system, making it one of the more high-profile sacking cases to occur over at Redmond;
  • Square Enix has announced a Dragon Quest Wii collection which will consist of the original Famicom versions of Dragon Quest I, Dragon Quest II, and Dragon Quest III, and their respective Super Famicom (SNES) versions, specifically Dragon Quest I & II and Dragon Quest III, and
  • Fans of Portal 2 can now start modding the game and creating their own test puzzles now that Valve has released the official game authoring tools for download

Hardware news

Cooler Master Storm Enforcer Mid Tower Chassis Review
Description: A couple months back I took a look at the Cooler Master Test Bench V1.0, but it seems like it has been a while since I had a look at a case from CM. The last couple of cases I looked at were the HAF-X, CM690II and the Storm Sniper. The Sniper had some very cool features and a style all its own, keeping most of what made those cases a success while adding a fair bit of individualism to this new concept. Aesthetically this case looks like no other I have seen and almost looks like the case is in motion with the rounded design and stamped in designs in the steel.

Kingston X58 Triple Channel kit 2250Mhz Cas 9 Review @ Madshrimps
Description: At the latest MSI MOA Benelux qualifier we were allowed to play with MSI's Xpower board, some 980X ES CPUs and some pretty high specced Kingston rams. The 2250Mhz CL9 triple channel kit seemed very interesting for a spin in the Madshrimps Lab. Could these blue beauties come close to the almighty Corsair Hyper IC based GTX2s ? What's the use for such a high MHz kit for a daily user ? Is this kit Bloomfield friendly ? A lot of questions warped through my brain. Time to open the box and find some answers

EK Water Blocks EK-FC580 GTX Nickel @ Hardwareoverclock.com
Description: The summer is not so far away, also the high temperatures of the hardware components, specially the video card. A great alternative will be a water cooler, for example the EK Water Blocks EK-FC580 GTX Nickel. This cooler has an extreme high flow path design and unique increased cooling surface over GPU keeps all your graphic cards components cool even at highest graphical loads and over clock. We have tested this sample on a GTX 570 in a comparison between other alternative VGA coolers.

GIGABYTE Z68X UD4 Review @ Vortez
Description: So what do we get from GIGABYTE if the video outputs aren’t present? Well with the Z68 chipset we have the new Touch BIOS, SSD caching and we have been told – better overclocking. So today we will be putting the Z68-UD4 on our test bench and putting it through its paces within synthetic and gaming benchmarks in order to reveal to our readers whether there is any great advantage of moving to this new chipset over P67.

Ethernet Aims for Terabit
Description: IEEE 802.3 – among friends know as Ethernet – has formed a working group to look beyond 100 Gbps speed. Currently the group is soliciting input at expects to report some time next year. There is, however already a divide between power users and silicon suppliers. End customers like Facebook and Google cannot wait to get a higher speed version of Ethernet and is lobbying for 1 Tb/s as soon as 2013. They are countered by silicon suppliers who would like to move to 400 Gbps in the first instance.

OCZ IBIS 240GB Review @ ocaholic
Description: If you take a look at the SSD market, searching for a really powerful product, then you'll definitely take the OCZ IBIS into account. With a throughput of 740 MB/s read and 720 MB/s write this drive shows serious throughput rates and also the claimed 120'000 IOPS are massive.

AMD May Reconsider Its Opinion About ARM Processors .
Description: Advanced Micro Devices does not close the doors to ARM and may reconsider its x86 everywhere strategy if the market requirements change drastically. Even though the company is not working on a deal to license ARM technologies, AMD admits that its vision is generally similar to ARM's when it comes to heterogeneous multi-core computing.

ASUS announces self-designed Radeon HD 6770 DirectCu and HD 6750 Formula graphics cards
Description: ASUS announced the launch of the new self-designed HD 6770 DirectCU and HD 6750 Formula graphics cards. Both are equipped with the ASUS-exclusive Super Alloy Power technology that delivers a 15% performance boost along with a lifespan that is 2.5 times longer than conventional graphics cards.

Consumer Electronics and Software news

Google Finally Delivers On Promise Of Admin-Free Chrome Frame Installs For IE
Description: Today at Google I/O in San Francisco, Google developers Amit Joshi and Alex Russell took the stage at a breakout session to announce an important milestone: a version of Chrome Frame that doesn’t require admin rights to install. While this might not jump out at you as a huge thing, it’s big news for millions of users stuck working at offices or schools with older machines where admins won’t allow them to upgrade to newer, modern browsers. And some 30 percent of these users were not even able to install plug-ins for IE. Now there’s a way around that with the new dev build of Chrome Frame. You can install this within IE without needing admin access.

Adobe Takes Wowza to Court Over Flash Patents
Description: Adobe is taking Wowza Media to court, suing it for patent infringement related to its Flash Media Server. Adobe filed its lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California last week, alleging patent infringement, false advertising and unfair competition.

Google To Lease Chrome Laptops for $20/Month
Description: Google will begin leasing Chrome laptops for $20 per month in a “student package” that includes both hardware and access to online services, a senior Google executive has reportedly told Forbes. The report aligns with earlier rumors that Google would begin offering Chrome OS-based notebooks for between $10 and $20 per month this summer. The official announcement is expected to hit the wire sometime Wednesday.

Motion Computing's CL900 tablet now available for order, starting at $899
Description: It's been a while since we first laid eyes upon this rugged little guy, but Motion Computing's CL900 tablet is finally available for orders, starting at $899. Designed with enterprise markets in mind, the 2.1-pound Windows 7 slate runs on a 1.5GHz Intel Oak Trail Atom Z670 processor and rocks a 10.1-inch, 1366×768 multi-touch display that's shielded in Corning Gorilla Glass. Seated atop that display is a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera, with a 3.0-megapixel sensor keeping watch over the backside. Boasting a thickness of 15.5mm, the device also offers up to 2GB of RAM (along with a 30GB or 62GB SSD), promises a battery life of up to eight hours and houses a USB port, SD card slot and Bluetooth 3.0 module.

Lenovo spoils own ThinkPad X1's May 17 launch with video
Description: Lenovo effectively pre-announced the ThinkPad X1 on Wednesday with a video (below). The minute-long ad was short on details but confirmed the backlit, spill-resistant keyboard and Gorilla Glass screen. The PC builder also pledged a May 17 release date.

Microsoft Employees Fired Over Windows 8 Leaks
Description: The recent leaks of Windows 8 suggests that there are sources within Microsoft that are letting out copies of the work-in-progress operating system. According to a well known leak tracker, as characterized by WinRumors, Microsoft has fired two employees that the company believed to be leaking the beta builds.

Gaming news

Square Enix announces Dragon Quest Wii collection
Description: With the Dragon Quest franchise being insanely popular in Japan, it was only a matter of time before publishers Square Enix formally announced that a collection of the series' earlier games is in the works. According to the official site, said collection will be released on the Wii and will contain all five past titles on one disk. The games on the collection are the original Famicom versions of Dragon Quest I, Dragon Quest II, and Dragon Quest III, and their respective Super Famicom (SNES) versions, specifically Dragon Quest I & II and Dragon Quest III.

SoulCalibur V Announced
Description: At a press conference in Dubai just now, Namco officially announced SoulCalibur V. While no details were revealed just yet, the game is slated for a 2012 release. We do know that more info and a teaser trailer will be coming soon, so stay tuned for those.

Alright Modders, Let's Get Modding: Valve Releases Portal 2 Authoring Tools
Description: Admit it: while playing through Portal 2, you couldn't help but devise your own devious test lab puzzle. Well, now is your chance to make that turret-bot filled vision a reality. Valve has released the Portal 2 Authoring Tools on Steam.

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