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The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 17 June 2011

In today's news roundup:

  • Rambus has announced the development of a fast power-on, low-power clocking technology that boasts 5Gb/s+ data transfer speeds with minimal power consumption;
  • AMD Graphics CTO Eric Demers has revealed some interesting facts about the company's next graphics processor architecture, claiming that it will serve as the foundation for all future AMD GPUs over the next few years;
  • Acer has given its Predator line of gaming PCs a makeover with the new Predator G5910 series, which trades in the funky orange case for a matte black body that is supposedly meant to "evoke power and performance" and  "a high-tech futuristic mood";
  • Word has it that Google is keen on bringing out a "Nexus 3" smartphone to the market, and that the device will feature a dual-core processor and is expected to be bundled with version 4.0 of the Android operating system, aka Ice Cream Sandwich;
  • John Carmack has outlined the direction he'd like to take the Quake series in the future, and that is a remote possibility of id Software abandoning the Strogg-based storyline of Quake 2 and Quake 4, and
  • The first console-based action from Battlefield 3 appeared last evening on Jimmy Fallon's late night show.

Hardware news

ASUS P8H67-I Deluxe mITX Motherboard @ Benchmark Reviews
Description: By now we have all heard of the media capabilities of the Intel H67 Chipset. With so much going for it in this aspect, it seems like an H67 motherboard would be great as a starting point for the perfect Home Theatre PC. ASUS has decided to take this idea to the next level with the ASUS P8H67-I Deluxe mini-ITX motherboard. In this article, Benchmark Reviews will break down all the special features ASUS has included in the P8H67-I Deluxe motherboard to see if it is ready to provide a comprehensive solution for the HTPC enthusiast.

Mushkin Enhanced Joule 700 Watt Power Supply Review
Description: This time around we have another power supply from Mushkin ready to go through our load tests. Last month we took a look at the Mushkin Enhanced Joule 800W power supply. Now we have the Joule 700W on the bench for testing. Being that the unit is from the same series and manufacturer, you would expect almost identical builds and results. Right off the delivery truck we could tell a big difference in design between the 700W and 800W models. It was quite apparent that the Joule 700W didn't have nearly as extensive cooling on the inside. We also noticed that while the 800W model holds an 80Plus Silver rating, the smaller 700W model only manages to hold an 80Plus Bronze rating.

Sapphire Radeon HD 6670 Ultimate Edition 1GB DDR5 DX 11 Video Card Review @Hi Tech Legion
Description: One of those products is the Sapphire Radeon HD 6670 Ultimate Edition. The 6670 Ultimate includes two special features that differ from a traditional 6670. Those being the "Ultimate" passive cooling, and a key to Dirt 3. Under the hood the 6670 Ultimate is no different from a stock version. The core clock speed is set at 800MHz while the memory speed is set at 1000Mhz. Onboard is 1 GB of DDR5 memory. The 6670 comes with 480 stream processors and a 40 nm chip. The interface includes a single HDMI, Display Port, and Dual-Link DVI input. All of the usual 6000 series features apply such as DX 11, Eyefinity, OpenGL 4.1, UVD3, and AMD App acceleration.

Chillblast Fusion Impact 3D Review @ XSReviews.co.uk
Description: Chillblast may not be as well renowned – or as infamous – as Overclockers or Scan, but they’ve been around the block enough to know the game and they’re well established as a solid, affordable gaming system builder. Today we take a look at another of their setups, this one that provides the full 3D experience: monitor, glasses and GPU. It’s got a Sandybridge i5 CPU too.

Rambus Develops Clocking Technology for Power Reduction in High-Speed Interfaces.
Description: Rambus, a designer of various memory and interface technologies, has announced the development of a fast power-on, low-power clocking technology that can enable a whole new class of memory devices. The new technology enables 5Gb/s+ data transfer speeds with minimal power consumption.

AMD's Demers reveals details of next GPU architecture
Description: At the Fusion Developer Summit here in Bellevue, Washington this morning, AMD Graphics CTO Eric Demers made some interesting revelations about his company's next graphics processor architecture. While he didn't talk about specific products, he did say this new core design will materialize inside all future AMD products with GPUs in them over the next few years.

Consumer Electronics and Software News

A.C.Ryan PlayOn!HD2 Media-Player Review (German)
Description: (Machine translation) The A.C.Ryan PlayOn! HD2 Media-Player arrived Technic3D. Store thousands of photo, music and video files on the internal Hard Drive. The Playon!HD2 brings again your music, video and photo library to life with unsurpassed audio and visual quality? We will check the new Features on the HD2 Player.

Sony Teases New Tablets With a Mysterious New Video
Description: Sony wants you to know that it’s about to launch two tablets – the Sony S1, and the Sony S2 – but it doesn’t want to reveal much about them, promoting them instead with a visual feast that gives little info, but is amazing to watch. The video is actually the first episode of a 5-episode story dubbed “Two will”, featuring Sony’s tablets; we can expect the next four installments soon. Back in early May 2011, Sony released a far more straightforward teaser video for its upcoming tablets, showing us at least a little of what they can do.

RAIDON GT5630-SB3 USB 3.0 4 Bay Desktop Data Backup Storage Solution Review @ Real World Labs
Description: With 4 easy swap HDD tray modules for up to a massive 12TB of storage capacity and both eSATA and USB 3.0 connectivity for blazing fast transfer speeds the GT5630-SB3 USB 3.0 4 Bay Desktop Data Backup Storage Solution by RAIDON is the ideal unit to house your backups and/or media collection.

Report: Dual-core Nexus 3 Specs Leaked
Description: According to BGR sources, what’s believed to be the next Nexus phone will feature a next-generation dual-core 1.2GHz or 1.5GHz CPU (likely an OMAP 4460 or an ultra low-power 28nm Krait-based Snapdragon); 1GB of RAM; 1080p HD video capture and playback; a 1-megapixel front-facing camera; and a rear-facing camera with an “advanced 5-megapixel sensor delivering class-leading image quality in addition to superior low-light performance.” All of this will run on Ice Cream Sandwich, aka Android 4.0.

Acer Gives Predator Desktop a Makeover, Inside and Out
Description: Acer's attention-seeking Predator desktop series has been known for its over-the-top chassis design that some find totally bad ass, and many others feel is gaudy, to put it nicely (and ugly, if we're being blunt). The new Predator G5910 series trades in the funky orange case for a matte black body that Acer says is supposed to "evoke power and performance, while the angles and grooves on the front add a high-tech futuristic mood."

Chrome Nearly Replaced Firefox as Ubuntu's Default Browser
Description: Chrome adoption has also been on a rapid rise in recent versions, doubling its market share in some regions from just one year ago. The upstart browser is raising even more eyebrows now that Chromebooks are hitting the market, and when you combine these three factors — performance, consumer interest, and Shuttleworth's personal endorsement — it's really no surprise that Firefox was nearly unseated as the default browser in Ubuntu 11.04.

Gaming news

Carmack outlines vision for a new Quake
Description: John Carmack has outlined the direction he'd like to take the Quake series in the future, explaining to Eurogamer that there are factions within id Software that want to abandon the Strogg-based storyline of Quake 2 and Quake 4.

Sega Europe opens its third UK code shop; studio already at work on a "next gen" action adventure.
Description: Sega Europe has announced the formation of a new boutique studio based in the UK's West Midlands, set up to focus its resources "exclusively for next generation platforms." The forward-looking studio has an unnamed "unique action adventure experience" project already underway, due for release late next year.

Battlefield 3 console footage unveiled on latest Fallon
Description: As promised, the first console-based action from Battlefield 3 appeared last evening on Jimmy Fallon's late night show, teasing a scene we've watched play out a dozen or so times now on the PC version. Despite the grumblings of many long-time PC Battlefield gamers — not to mention our own doubts — BF3 running on PlayStation 3 looks pretty wonderful.

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