In today's news roundup:

  • Zotac have thrown a new shroud onto this GTX 560 to make it look more unique;
  • The EVGA Superclock CPU cooler is a 152mm tall tower cooler, featuring five direct contact 8mm heat pipes and 120mm high CFM fan;
  • Check out the walkthrough of the Windows 8 operating system;
  • The HTC Sensation 4G is slated to go on sale on June 12 for US$200 ;
  • And if you are bored, Namco has released two Pac-Man games on Facebook. and
  •  Aside from Batman, you can now play as Catwoman and traverse Gotham's rooftop.

Hardware news

NZXT HAVIK 140 CPU Cooler Review

Description: Cooling the HAVIK 140 is a pair of 140mm fans that are made with a black frame and have nine blades with a funky shape in white. The body we just covered weighs in at 760 grams and that is before we add any cooling or mounting hardware.

Zotac GTX 560 TI Amp! Edition Review – XSReviews

Description: While the actual cooler itself is the stock one, Zotac have thrown a new shroud onto this GTX 560 to make it look at least a little unique. Admittedly the black and yellow does look pretty good, but I can’t see it improving cooling.

Cubitek HPTX Tank PC Case Review @ Real World Labs

Description: The latest HPTX Tank PC Case may not be able to match its HTPX counterparts in build quality but its sheer size, design, number of features and price tag are sure to make it one of the best-selling units of the Cubitek product line.

EVGA Superclock CPU Cooler Review @Hi Tech Legion

Description: The EVGA Superclock CPU Cooler certainly has the specs to uphold the high standards EVGA has set. The EVGA Superclock CPU cooler is a 152mm tall tower cooler, featuring five direct contact 8mm heat pipes and 120mm high CFM fan capable of speeds from 700-2500rpm.

MSI Z68A-GD80 Intel Motherboard @ Benchmark Reviews

Description: With the odd restrictions of the P67 and H67 chipsets removed, the Z68 allows users to make use of Sandy Bridge integrated graphics as well as overclock their processors.

Water Cooling Shootout Review – Antec, Larkooler, EK, Phobya, Swiftech & Laing @ Vortez

Description: For new comers to the world of water cooling, it can be a very scary place indeed – the most common reaction being 'WHAT!, don't you know water and electricity don't mix!'. Normally with this sort of statement at the start of a review, I'd go on and prove it wrong. However, this time they're not wrong at all – water and electricity really don't mix, so how does it all work?

Consumer Electronics and Software news

Windows 8: A Walk-Through

Description: For mobile devices, Windows 8's new touch interface looks similar to the operating system it uses for its Smartphones, called Windows Phone 7. Of course, there's a lot more going on underneath the hood than just a pretty interface.

Laptop Thief Detained Thanks to Social Networking

Description: Internet users certainly know how to utilize services for good. At least, one man turned to the Internet and social networking to help find his laptop, which had been stolen.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet out June 17 nationwide

Description: Samsung's 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab tablet — billed by the company as the "world's thinnest mobile tablet" — will be available nationwide June 17. It costs US$499 for a 16 GB Wi-Fi only version, and US$599 for a 32 GB Wi-Fi only tablet.

Twitter Brings Photo Sharing In House, Beefs Up Search

Description: Twitter on Wednesday said that it had partnered with Photobucket to offer photo attachments to tweets directly from the Twitter homepage.

HTC Sensation 4G goes on sale June 12 for $200

Description: One of the most powerful new Android 2.3 smartphones, the HTC Sensation 4G, will be available exclusively for T-Mobile USA networks and put on sale at some Wal-Mart stores as early as June 12.

Gaming news

Pac-Man on Facebook is Arcade-Perfect

Description: Namco has released two Pac-Man games on Facebook. Pac-Man Original is exactly as it sounds — it's the original arcade version of Pac-Man

Batman: Arkham City — Play as Catwoman

Description: Batman: Arkham City is a big world. So big, Batman could hardly patrol it himself. Good thing you have a second option when traversing Gotham's rooftop