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The F-35 has a video game-like targeting system

The US' new fighter jet, the F35, has an onboard targeting system that autonomously highlights enemy targets, just like you'd see in video games. What will they think of next!

The new F-35 fighter jet made by Northrop Grumman is a bit of a technological marvel, and it seems to have taken a few of it's features straight from video games. It's equipped with the new Distributed Aperture System (DAS) which allows the plane to automatically detect and highlight enemy targets on the ground below, including AAA and artillery weapons. After detecting the enemy targets, the DAS sends the information to a Heads Up Display inside the incredibly futuristic helmet of the pilot. So we have a plane that picks and highlights targets, and then sends a little blip to your visor… This is straight out of a video game.


Northrop Grumman recently released the above video demo of the plane's targeting system in action, and it's mighty impressive. It apparently doesn't work all the time, and may require the enemy to actually fire to become visible in the DAS, but that's still a pretty cool feature. One just has to hope it doesn't target friendlies by accident some day.


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