Since cyber wars are so hot these days, another one broke out, this time between British hackers and Argentinian game developers. The casus belli was a map for Counter Strike, ‘reviving’ the Falklands War.

The map pack, developed by the Argentinian company Dattatec, features the disputed island and sites of the historical conflict. In this version, Argentines policemen fight to fend off British terrorists’ attacks. The intro, at the opening scene of the game, says: “In 1982, Argentines fought the English to recover the sovereignty of the Malvinas islands.”

The company declared it was not an act of provocation, but a tribute for those who fell in Malvinas (Falklands for the British). Yet, it seems the declaration didn’t convince British hackers. According to the company, the last few days, Dattatec is under a British cyber attack.

Fernando Llorente, Dattatec press officer, said: “Two of our websites were attacked using DDoS, with hackers trying to saturate our server’s connection. […] We detected that most of the IP addresses used (for the DDoS attack) were from the UK. […] We think diplomacy should prevail and we do not fear another attack.”

Source: Independent


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