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The Gooapple iPhone 4: now available in China

Just the name alone will be a dead giveaway about the nature of this posting, but since we are such nice people, we will spill the beans either way. Apparently, a new iPhone 4 clone has started making its rounds around the Chinese market, and suffice to say the developers of this clone have decided to throw out all notion of any possible copyright infringement out of the window for the release of this smartphone. Cue copyright infringement lawsuits from the big Apple in three…two…one…

Let's face it: everybody knew that something like this would eventually take place, and that it was only a matter of time before some enterprising manufacturer from China would jump on the whole cloning bandwagon. After all, there is big money to be made in the cloning business, if one takes into consideration that there exist users out there who only want their devices to look like the real thing, but only at a fraction of the real deal's cost.

That being said, most Chinese clone manufacturers usually attempt to toe the line where outright copyright infringement is involved, such as the use of protected logos or mascots. However, it appears that the manufacturer of this particular smartphone clone has decided to dump all notion of copyright infringement into the dustbin in a bid to make the clone as realistic looking as possible. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you…the Gooapple iPhone 4 smartphone:

According to the GizChina website, the Gooapple iPhone 4 smartphone is an almost picture-perfect clone of Apple's bestselling iPhone 4. And the similarities between the Gooapple and the real iPhone 4 also extends to the hardware specifications; just like the original iPhone 4, the Gooapple clone features two cameras at resolutions of both five megapixels (rear) and 1.3 megapixels (front). Of course, users should not expect it to come with the same processor or display found in the real deal: the Gooapple utilizes a weaker MTK5616 processor clocked at 480MHz, while the touchscreen display is only capable of a native 480 x 320 resolution.

That being said, it should be of little surprise that the Gooapple iPhone 4 does not run off Apple's iOS operating system. Rather, GizChina is reporting that the Gooapple will come bundled with a vanilla copy of version 2.2 (aka Froyo) of Google's Android operating system. Oh well, that is probably why it was called the 'Gooapple' to begin with.

The Gooapple iPhone 4 is reportedly available for pre-order now at the discounted price of 999 yuan or US$152, although we should point out that this phone is unlikely to ever see the light of day outside of China's domestic market.

Source: Gooapple via GizChina

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