One of the major selling point… 4x PCI-E power Connectors!!
Talk about headroom… and most of us only use one most of the time. Nonetheless
it can be a prophetic message from the Greek god regarding the near future
Graphics Cards.

6 SATA power connectors running off 2 lines, 3 from each.
Notice how Silverstone labels each connector with 12v2, meaning that they are
drawing from the 12v2 Rail, good information so users aren’t required to play
the guessing game and can better distribute current load across the rails for
the more technically inclined.

6 Molex and 2 floppy power connectors plenty of allowance
here as well. Distributed across 3 lines from the 12v3 Rail.

And finally something most of us do not use, the 6 pin EPS
12v connector

So how shall I give it a good massage? Think this appetizing?

Welp, we’ll see…