The Last of Us is less than a month away and the trophy list has already been released, on IGN. Naughty Dog’s brand new IP is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where you play as two survivors, Joel and Ellie. The Trophy List, outlined below, probably will contain spoilers for some of the game, albeit vague, but is mostly a mass of achievements for collecting things such as the Firefly Pendants, different Artifacts, in-game Comics and Training Manuals to teach you new skills.

Platinum Trophy:

It Can’t Be For Nothing


6 Gold Trophies:

Firefly Complete the Firefly Journey.
For Emergencies Only Fully upgrade all weapons.
Hunter Complete the Hunter Journey.
No Matter What (Survivor) Complete the game on Survivor.
Scavenger Found all collectibles.
The Last of Us (Survivor+)  Complete the game on Survivor+.

9 Silver Trophies:

Everything We’ve Been Through  Fully upgrade Joel with supplements.
I Want to Talk About It  Engage in all optional conversations.
It Was All Just Lying There  Find all Artifacts.
Look for the Light  Find all Firefly Pendants.
No Matter What (Hard)  Complete the game on Hard.
No Matter What (Normal) Complete the game on Normal.
The Last of Us (Easy+) Complete the game on Easy+.
The Last of Us (Hard+) Complete the game on Hard+.
The Last of Us (Normal+)  Complete the game on Normal+.
7 Brozen Trophies:

Endure and Survive  Collect all Comics.
I Got This Find all Training Manuals.
Knowing the Basics Win a game of Supply Raid and Survivors in Find Match.
Let’s Gear Up Craft every item.
Master of Unlocking Unlock all shiv doors.
No Matter What (Easy) Complete the game on Easy.
Populace Build your clan to 40 people in Factions.


And that’s not all. There’s also a hidden trophy and with Multiplayer plus the upcoming season pass DLC; even more will be revealed and teased over the coming months. The game also contains four difficulty levels and even a New Game+ campaign for all you hardcore gamers out there. IGN also makes note of the game including a lot more Gold Trophies, when compared to previous Naughty Dog titles, such as the Uncharted trilogy. However, one of the trophies does include a little nod to Uncharted 3 and the original Resident Evil, can you guess which ones?


via IGN