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The Playstation 4 is smaller than you think

With E3 almost coming to an end people are still riding high on all the announcements made so far.  One of those announcements was the hardware reveal for the PS4 and believe it or not, it’s a lot smaller than it looked on stage or in pictures.


Hardcore gamers have been going a little wild on the internet lately about the PS4’s $399 price tag and the fact that they are not including any DRM in their console, it almost becomes easy to forget that the box was revealed for the very first time.

It definitely looks slicker than a regular black rectangle but some were concerned that it might be a little big, which is something that’s not easy to tell from pictures. Well, that was until now. A picture posted on twitter by user Charlotte Kay shows that the console is actually smaller than you would have probably thought. Check it out below.


As you can see, it looks quite a bit smaller when standing next to some other consoles which include the original PS3, the original Xbox 360, and the Xbox One. Being small in size and still being able to manage the heat must mean some clever design has taken place, which we might have to wait for an internal breakdown to see. For those concerned about their desk or cabinet space, rejoice.

Source: Charlotte Kay (twitter) Via: CVG

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