The New York City based Ray Kingston Company has recently developed a new Bluetooth enabled and ankle-mounted speakers dubbed, with a rhyming poetic flair of an artist, the ‘Sneaker Speaker’.

A new Bluetooth enabled speaker device called the ‘Sneaker Speaker’ has been designed by a New York based company named Ray Kingston.  Named for its current founder and designer, Kingston designed the Bluetooth ready speakers to mount directly to the users ankles.  The device is said by Kingston to be a ‘futuristic urban device’ made to increase one’s ‘ghetto vibe’.  

Kingston says the new speakers were developed to help what they called ‘urban artists’ and anyone else looking for some inspiration from the power of music. The designs of the speakers are somewhat drawn from the days of the 80's style 'boom box' that often rested on the shoulders of the listener strolling down the sidewalk with their music blaring for all to hear.  When the advent of the Sony Walkman came about, the fad quickly disappeared from the public eye with a big thank you from those who weren’t so amused by the boom box craze.

The Ray Kingston Company often designs current trends with that of fashion, urban art and music.  Kingston says he wanted a concept would blend art and music together.  The speakers help to demonstrate a fashionable-looking speaker all the while providing inspiration during a creative process by the urban artist.

Ray Kingston who founded the company says he’s very active as a new concept designer and had previously spent 14 years designing products for Sony.  This company is his own way of reaching back to his origins, and focuses more on developing products that people can use in daily life on the street.