was one of the largest file hosting sites in the world, until, in January of this year, the US Department of Justice shut it down indefinitely after the arrest of it's owners in regards to copyright related crimes. However, Megaupload's founder, Kim Dotcom has announced that the site will soon return.

Megaupload is a Hong Kong based company founded in 2005, and hosted a number of online services including file hosting and video streaming, until early 2012. The site at one point was the 13th most visited site on the internet, and the services were often used for, amongst others, the distribution of copyrighted materials. Due to this, the US government sought legal action against the company, and eventually seized it's various websites and shut them down.

The Megaupload Logo


The shutdown of Megaupload was controversial in many ways; the closure effected not only copyright violators, but also legitimate users: Lawfully hosted content and subscribed, premium memberships were lost, and over HKD$330 million were seized from the company. Megaupload's founder, Kim Dotcom, maintained his and the company's innocence, stating that Megaupload never willfully took part in any copyright violations, and that they had complied with all take down notices they received. Considerable outrage arose from the shutdown, leading to US government and copyright organization websites being exposed to Denial of Service (DoS) attacks by the hacktivist group Anonymous.


Kim Dotcom, founder of Megaupload


Now, nearly eight months later, Kim Dotcom has announced via twitter that Megaupload is returning: "Quick update on the new Mega: Code 90% done", he reveled. He went on to explain that servers were being acquired and that lawyers and investors were ready. In addition, Dotcom claimed that the new iteration of Megaupload would be free, shielded from attacks, as well as "unstoppable". There have also been hints at new services, expanding Megaupload from file hosting, to several new applications. Though his statements may sound naive in light of the old site's fate, the German-Finnish Dotcom doesn't lack motivation; he intends to "turn this world upside-down". We'll all see soon enough, as the site is scheduled for a return later this year.


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