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The Swapper pays back IndieFund after 2 days

The Swapper has been one of the many wonderful games funded by the Indie Fund. Set up by people such as Jonathan Blow (Braid) and Kellee Santiago (Journey, Flower) give mentoring and funding for indie devs hoping to make a game. The Indie Fund doesn’t just work as a hand out, the developers have to pay back the funds they use with sales, but after they reach their original financing, they keep all the subsequent profits.


The Swapper was their latest successful endeavour with a lot of amazing game press coverage and a Metacritic score of 87, a worthy title in the already dangerously full indie arena. The latest post from Indie Fund confirms the success coming in only two days and how impressed the Indie Fund is at The Swapper’s “extremely positive reviews”.

The Indie Fund developers do note that people would write stories like this showing off the achievements of recouping funds in X amount of hours or days, but that it’s “not really [their] main goal”  and like many creatives, ” not how [they] measure [their] success”. They restate that their goal is “to help developers get and stay independent” and are incredibly proud if a developer can repay their  investment and gains “enough on top of that to fund the team’s next project” . Also, they want developers not have to succumb to different publishers or non-descript contracts which could hinder their creativity.

You can currently purchase the game on Steam

via IndieFund

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