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The World Gamemaster Tournament – 2007 Edition!

An event organised annually by Asus, a world leader in motherboard and graphics solutions, the World Gamemaster Tournament also takes place in Singapore, right here at Funan Digitalife mall. VR-Zone brings you closer to the gaming action!

Now what is this WGT event all about?

The mission of the WGT (World GameMaster Tournament) is to provide a healthy environment for the best gamers around the world to share the fun and excitement of PC gaming while challenging each other to be the best that they can be.

The meaning of WGT

  • One of the world’s largest game tournaments.
  • A rapidly growing tournament that has attracted the elite players to compete against each other for the title of World GameMaster.
  • A gaming conference in which the world’s leading providers of gaming solutions joined forces to showcase the latest innovations in gaming.
  • A worldwide youth festival held annually to celebrate the growing popularity of e-sport.

The Competition is sponsored mainly by Asus, and the official venue for the singapore leg of the WGT is Funan Digitalife Mall. Main co-sponsors this year are Kingston Technology and SteelSeries gaming peripherals.

Without further delays , VR-zone shall bring you forward to take an up-close and personal observation of this large and prestigious gaming event by one of the world’s premier providers of computer hardware!

Its signature "Hangar" shaped structural design makes the WGT Arena stand out in any place you put it! It gives players a comfortable level of privacy, and provides a radiating aura of a professional event to audiences.

Large banners showcasing adverts of Asus’s products cover the semi-domed structure. Curious onlookers can peer easily to see what the competitors are up to, without disturbing them! Very innovative design that catches the public’s attention without too much loss of privacy !

Just look at the crowd, we have competitors observing their rivals, and members cheering their teammates on. and even curious passer-bys who observe with intense fascination!


What has now become their signature laptops , the Asus G1 and G2 series of laptops also lend their appearances to any Asus-sponsored event. These mobile machines are the epitome of Mobile warriors wishing to bring their gaming experieneces on a mobile adventure. Looks like there’s no stopping Asus in dominating the Desktop – and the mobile – field.

The specifications of the G1 & G2 laptops! The G1 is more of a mobile workhorse and the G2 is a mobile powerhouse that is slated as a desktop replacement!


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