We have players and teams from all over sunny Singapore congregating here to compete in several popular game titles – Counter-Strike, Command & Conquer 3 and an extremely popular custom modification of the legendary Warcraft III – Dota (Defense of the Ancients). Wearing tangerine-white shirts, these players are easily identified anywhere in Funan Digitalife Mall. When not competing you can most probably hear them discussing about the latest tactics or happenings in previous matches, and an occasional discussion about their favourite moves or characters or so. It might be pretty interesting to know a professional or even a semi-professional player!

Asus has set up a large white screen …

And it is a really big projector screen , where real-time matches are being fed into the main system and streamed out to a live audience, complete with commentators!

Asus has made top of the line systems for all participants in the WGT. Gamers can expect their senses to be tingled by the smoothness of the games and crispness of the images that the WGT systems provide.

A quick look at the tantalizing system specifications.