As stated earlier, all it takes to access the drives is to open the front bezel-cum-door.

Installing and removing drives from the Thecus N0503 is a straightforward and fuss-free process.

2.5″ drives are bottom-mounted in drive
cages, which go into a special enclosure. This enclosure, in turn, goes into
the N0503. It is possible to remove the cages even when the enclosure is installed.

A simple but secure locking mechanism is used to secure the cages, allowing for quick hot-swap.

you’re planning on using 3.5″ drives, the 2.5″ drive enclosure has to be taken out as drive rails are used instead for 3.5″ drives.

Thecus’ years of experience at making network storage devices
are evident in the N0503. Drive mounting and removal is a cinch and the overall build quality is good, with our only major gripe being the poor quality of the front bezel/door.