Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has shared the sad tale of the Crysis 3 port for the Wii U that was almost ready, but never came to be.

The Wii U does not have a Crysis 3 port, and while many would guess this has to do with the reported weakness or programming difficulties associated with Nintendo's new machine, Crytek's CEO Cevat Yerli paints a different picture. When interviewed by VentureBeat earlier in the week, Yerli was asked about the Wii U. He stated that the console's power wasn't the reason it never got a port, but rather, that it was business politics that put a stop to it.

Above: Not happening


According to Yerli, Crysis 3 actually had a port up and running. It was in fact "very close to launching", but due to disagreements between Nintendo and Electronic Arts (who publish Crysis 3), the port never saw the light of day. In all likelihood these disagreements have to do with EA's desire to put it's Origin platform on the new Nintendo console; something Nintendo won't allow. Unfortunately, since EA owns the publishing rights to the Crysis series, there's little that can be done. Crytek can't even publish it themselves.