We at VR-Zone test many combinations of motherboards and CPU platforms throughout the year, often demanding quick assembly/disassembly of heatsinks and decent air cooling performance in order to maximize overclocks in the shortest possible time. One CPU cooler (among many on our shelves) that we prefer to use in particular, is the Thermalright Silver Arrow. 


Quick run through of the greatest hits from Thermalright – SK-6, SLK-900, SP-94/97, Ultra-90, Ultra-120 Extreme, Venomous X, AXP-140, HR02, Archon (review coming soon).


Unpacking the contents of the box, we have:

  • the Silver Arrow heatsink,
  • two TY-140 fans,
  • a few installation leaflets, and
  • a sealed accessories pack which includes the mounting kit and fan clips.


Measuring 147mm x 122.6mm x 162mm (L x B x H), the Silver Arrow takes up a huge amount of real estate.