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Thermaltake Chaser MK-I Case Review

The left side panel of the Chaser MK-I case is complex, with an embossed design of many sharp angles and straight lines, following the overall futuristic theme of the case. The top half of the panel is covered by a strangely shaped plastic window, while a loose honeycomb design covers most of the bottom half of the side panel, waiting for an optional 200mm fan.

On the left side panel Thermaltake placed a simple but highly effective plastic hinge meant to be used as a headphones hanger. The hinge can be closed while you are using (or if you are not ever using) your headphones.

Much like the left side panel, the right side panel of the Chaser MK-I features a rather complex and sharp embossed design.

The Chaser MK-I case has an all black chassis, as it can be seen in the picture above. We can see the exhaust 140mm fan and three round holes covered by rubber grommets. There is also a simple metallic hinge for securing the cables at the rear of your case right beneath the 140mm exhaust fan.

These holes are commonly being used as an entrance/exit point for watercooling hoses but Thermaltake drilled a third hole as well. The third hole was being used on the Level 10 GT case for routing the USB 3.0 cables to the back of your motherboard, since however the Chaser MK-I has USB 3.0 ports with internal headers we fail to see any useful application for a single third hole.

A long dust filter has been placed at the bottom of the case, filtering the air of the PSU intake and of the optional bottom 120mm fan. It can be removed by simply pulling it from the rear of the case. The tall feet of the case can be turned to the sides, vastly increasing its stability.

At the top of the case yet another 200mm cooling fan can be found hidden beneath a metallic mesh. The mesh can be removed, along with the entire top panel plastic cover, by simply pulling it upwards from the rear side of the case. There is a second spot for another exhaust fan and a 120mm, 140mm or 200mm cooling fan can be mounted.

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