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Thermaltake Frio CPU cooler review

Thermaltake supplies the Frio CPU cooler inside a fairly large and sturdy cardboard box. The artwork is almost entirely focused on a picture of the cooler itself, with plenty of information concerning the cooler’s features and compatibility to be found at the sides and rear of the box.

Inside the box the cooler is held between two thick Styrofoam pieces, ensuring its safety during transportation. The fan is exposed to the right wall of the box but the wall is very thick and should keep the fan safe.

Thermaltake bundled only the parts necessary for the installation of the Frio on all chipsets, plus a second cooling fan. The bundle consists of two backplates, one for AMD and one for Intel processors, the necessary aluminum retention brackets and screws needed for the installation of the cooler, a small syringe of good thermal compound, four rubber installation studs for the second fan, a basic black and white manual and a warranty card.

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