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Thermaltake Frio Extreme CPU Cooler Review

The new Frio Extreme is obviously not just a simple upgrade of the original Frio; it is an entirely different body, a dual tower cooler of massive proportions, a design similar to that of several other top-performance products offered by competitors. The Thermaltake Frio Extreme weighs more than 1.4kg with the two fans installed, three to six times more than stock coolers offered with high performance CPUs.

Many rectangular 0.4 thick aluminum fins form each of the towers. All of the fins are identical but Thermaltake installed half of the fins aligned left and the other half aligned right, forming a “ladder” effect. Each and every corner is rounded, with not a single sharp point to be found. Thermaltake’s engineers also connected the fins to each other, forming a wind tunnel to control the airflow and vastly improving the mechanical strength of the cooling body.

Six thick 6mm ID heatpipes are moving through the base of the cooler and transfer the heat generated by the CPU to both towers. Thermaltake nickel plated the copper heatpipes, obviously in order to improve the aesthetics of the cooler and to minimize corrosion, since untreated copper quickly turns black due to oxidation.

Thermaltake’s marketing department was not exaggerating when they bolstered that the base of this cooler has a mirror finish; we cannot see how a base could have been more perfectly made than this, as we even had to turn the camera’s shutter speed down to receive a picture free of light reflections. It may be a simple, rectangular copper base but the nickel plated bottom is treated down to a mirror finish so perfect that most glass mirrors would envy it.

Thermaltake supplies two massive 135mm fans packed with the Frio Extreme. The fan model numbers are PLA14025S12H, which indicates that these are Sleeve bearing fans made by Power Logic, although Thermaltake obviously went with proprietary frames and blue semi-transparent blades.

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