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Thermaltake TR2 800W PSU review

Thermaltake is using a common 120mm black cooling fan manufactured by Yate Loon to keep their TR2 800W unit cool. The fan’s model is D12BH-12 and according to Yate Loon it can achieve a maximum rotational speed of 2300RPM and a peak airflow of 89CFM.

The OEM of Thermaltake’s TR2 800W unit was easily recognizable and is no other than Fortron Sparkle (FSP), as this is a very popular of their designs.

The filtering stage begins at the back of the A/C receptacle and continues on the main PCB. It totally consists of four Y-type capacitors, three X-type capacitors and three ferrite coils, which are more than adequate. Unfortunately there is no surge-suppressing MOV, which is a component FSP often omits in their designs.

The primary capacitor is made by Matsushita (Panasonic) and is rated at 470μF/420V and up to 105°C. All of the secondary side capacitors are made by Teapo. As Thermaltake advertises, the main capacitor is a high-performance Japanese product; the secondary side capacitors are not from Japan but Teapo is a known and reliable manufacturer as well.

Unfortunately the heatsinks of the TR2 800W unit appear to be unreasonably small given the unit’s power output and advertised electrical efficiency. We suspect that this power supply will rely on its powerful fan for cooling too much but this will only be verified by our testing.

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