To celebrate the 20th birthday of the ThinkPad, Lenovo Japan is releasing a limited edition 14-inch “ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20th Anniversary Edition” Ultrabook exclusively in Japan. 

Reservations for the Ultrabook can be made starting November 13th, with a scheduled shipping date of late December. The model will only be available via special order and there will be a limited production run of 500 units, making this a possible collector’s item.

The ThinkPad was originally created in Japan 20 years ago, and wowed users with its portability and durability. The anniversary edition of the Carbon will be based on the highest powered SKU of Lenovo’s current flagship ThinkPad X1 Carbon, and will feature a Core i7-3667U (2GHz, with embedded graphics), 8GB memory, SSD 256GB, and Windows 8 Pro.

Production of the limited model will take place at NEC Personal Computer’s Komezawa factory in Yamagata, and the machines will be printed with a serial code near the hinge, a “20th Anniversary Edition” logo on the left of the power button, and “Made in Japan” printed on the back of the Ultrabook.

Special features include an original screensaver and wallpaper, and a special set of wrapped black chopsticks based on the design of the ThinkPad, created by professional chopstick artists at Ginza Ohashi. The Ultrabook will also come with an original waterproof case created by Matsushita Luggage in Toyooka, Hyogo

In addition to direct sale of the device via Lenovo, orders can also be taken via Yamada electronics, Yodobashi Camera, and Big Camera. Remember, there will only be 500 units manufactured, so if you are interested, better order yours soon!

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Source: PC Watch