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Third business quarter shakes up smartphone market

A recently released study summarizes the third quarter smartphone market.  Guess who came out on top?

IDC, a market research firm, has released a report on the worldwide smart phone market for the 2012 third business quarter, showing that the market has become increasingly polarized, dominated by a few major companies while others have a limited chance for success.  Approximately 179.7 million smartphones were sold during the third business quarter, with Samsung and Apple as the top two companies, selling 56.3 million and 26.9 million phones, respectively.

Nokia, a longtime established mobile phone company, has dropped out of the top five sellers this year, but it is not out of the market yet.  In October, Nokia dominated the European market with the Lumia 920, surpassing the iPhone 5 in some markets.  RIM has taken Nokia's place in the top five smart phone companies, but may not be there for long unless it releases the Blackberry 10 soon.  With Motorola's sales rising and the iPhone 5 a hot item, RIM may fall behind Nokia again.

China-based company, ZTE has risen in the ranks, but has relatively low profit margins.  ZTE's mobile phones sell in large numbers because of their affordability.  Recently, ZTE announced it was shifting its focus from wireless equipment to mobile phones, hoping to overcome recent accusations of espionage, and will exert more effort to rise in the mobile phone market.

Source: techweb.com.cn

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