With a little help from Dr. Browning Vogel of Stanford University, MyDeals has come up with some very interesting images which show what one part of Washington DC would look like if we could see WiFi signals with the naked eye.

wifi signals in real life

Remember that chapter on Waves you studied back in high school? Well, WiFi signals are transverse waves, with a wavelength between micro-waves and radio-waves, giving them an almost exclusive transmission band to ensure minimal interference. These signals are further divided into channels – shown with different colors – over which different data is sent out in quick succession.

Multiple WiFi routers can send and receive data in the same airspace – so to speak – without interfering with one another. This would create the visual effect you see below.



While I am glad we cannot see WiFi signals with the naked eye, it would be nice if we could buy an accessory to see them – it would surely make for easier free WiFi hunting.

For more photos, and technical details, read MyDeals’ original post.

MyDeals via Gizmodo