Most people will game on their PC with nothing less than a decent keyboard and mouse. But even then, certain game genres still perform better when their commands are inputted via a controller or gamepad instead of the keyboard-and-mouse combination. This is probably what Shogun Brothers had in mind with the X1 mouse, which magically transforms into a gamepad at a flip of the device. Neat.

Even though they fall under the blanket term of ‘gaming’, console gaming and PC gaming are markedly different from each other, right down from the hardware used to the genre of titles published for each platform. However, it cannot be denied that there are certain games on the PC which play better when used in conjunction with a gamepad or controller, as opposed to the classic mouse-and-keyboard combination which is a defining trait of PC gaming.

And apparently, it seems that someone had finally taken notice of such a situation and moved to help ensure that PC gamers do not need to fork out additional cash for an extra gamepad which they will only use occasionally. A Hong Kong company by the name of Shogun Brothers have seemingly created a new hybrid mouse which is essentially a combination of a wireless mouse, remote presenter and gamepad all crammed into the form factor of the typical computer mouse.

When placed right-side up, the Shogun Brothers X-1 Wireless Gamepad Mouse looks like any ordinary mouse, but flipping the little rodent over reveals a gamepad which sports a very PlayStation-esque design complete with two analog sticks and what appears to be four ‘shoulder buttons’.

While the X-1 is definitely a very interesting and unique take on what a real ‘gaming mouse’ should be, don’t get too excited just yet. For one, there is no information about the X-1’s availability date or pricing, and the address given on the webpage seems oddly suspect (Google claims that there is no Flat B in Tai Lee Building), in which at this point mental alarm bells should be going off right now. However, there is no doubt that this is quite a novel attempt to reinvent the mouse, and we can only hope that the X-1 does not turn out to be nothing more than just vaporware.

Reference: Shogun Brothers


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