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Thortech Thunderbolt PLUS 800W PSU Review

Thortech entrusted the cooling of their Thunderbolt PLUS 800W power supply to a single 135mm fan made by Protechnic Electric. It is a common looking all-black fan with a ball bearing and maximum rotational speed of 1500RPM. Part of the fan is covered with a plastic mesh in an effort to direct airflow.

The design of the Thunderbolt PLUS 800W unit certainly is different than anything we have seen up to date. The filtering stage of the unit starts at the back of the AC plug. Overall it is excellent and it also features an interleaved PFC circuit, which is very uncommon among computer power supplies.


Two Nippon Chemi-Con capacitors can be seen at the primary side of the power supply, one rated at 220uF/450V and the other at 270uF/450V. Unlike most common designs which command a large heatsink for the primary and another for the secondary side, the Thunderbolt Plus features many small heatsinks for each group of components.


All secondary side capacitors, electrolytic and solid-state alike, are also made by Nippon Chemi-Con, making this power supply an all Japanese affair.


The manufacturing quality and soldering job are flawless, with no imperfections to be found anywhere around the unit.


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