For the purpose of this article, we brewed up a little guide
on LGA775 processor installation and finally heatsink installation.

First, you have to remove the protective cover from the motherboard
socket. A quick dig-and-a-flip will do the job easily. Remember to keep this
cover as many motherboard makers will only honour Return Merchandise Agreement
if the problematic motherboard is presented with the socket cover.

With the cover off, excercise great care in the following steps.
You may be tempted to finger those Land Grid Array contacts poking out of the
socket, but such molestation is bound to end up as a tragic tale of RMA.

Pull the ZIF lever away from the socket so it comes free and
flip the lever up.

At this point, you can wedge the coverplate out of the LGA
assembly… …

… …and put in that processor (make sure the gold arrow
points at the pivot of the lever).

Flip down the coverplate and hook down the lever.

Voilà! You’re (quite) done!