Developer Respawn Entertainment have announced that they are not tied down into making games exclusively for Microsoft and promise to develop titles for the PS4.


Yesterday, it was revealed that the highly anticipated Titanfall would be exclusive to PC and Microsoft home consoles for the conceivable future, causing many a Sony fan to shed a tear or two.However, playstation loyalists can put away their pitchforks. Vince Zampella, co founder of developer Respawn Entertainment, has announced that just because Titanfall will not be coming to other consoles, it doesn’t mean that all future titles from the company will be Microsoft exclusive.

Asked if Respawn intended to develop games for the PS4, Zampella tweeted, “Of course we will, just not the first Titanfall.” That’s still a pretty huge blow to all FPS fans on the PS4. The game has been garnering praise from all sides for it’s seamless interplay of soldiers and giant mechs. Take a look at what all the fuss is about below.

Zampella went on to clarify that the developer had nothing to do with the exclusivity deal with Microsoft, stating that publisher EA was responsible. Now Playstation gamers know where to forward all that hate mail. But take heart, Sony fans. It seems that some time in the future, Respawn’s distinct brand of giant robot action will be coming to your console of choice, perhaps in the form of Titanfall 2.