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Titanfall Multiplayer has Mechs, Jetpacks, Parkour and more [new trailer]

While the game was accidentally announced earlier this month by a GameInformer cover, Titanfall was billed as the main attraction for Microsoft’s new console. While not much is known about the game’s campaign, its multiplayer sure has a lot of mojo.

The new gameplay trailer was shown at the Microsoft E3 conference earlier today.

It features a group of squadmates loaded into a flying spacecraft about to land in a dangerous militarized zone. Your crew is ready right before they jump across time and space to get to their destination. Upon landing, your told by a man in a gigantic mech suit about their tactics and then you’re off.  The game has you and your squadmates flying, shooting, jumping, running and climbing across the fairly lush landscape to take on your opponents with some machine guns and advanced weaponry.


The game is fast, fun and frantic as you traverse the landscape. Despite the negative backlash for Microsoft’s console, this could be the must-have game of the console.

Titanfall will be released on Xbox One and PC next year.

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