Another batch of Microsoft leaks reveal a Titanfall edition Xbox One console, along with Halo 5 release information.


Microsoft is considering launching a Titanfall limited edition Xbox One console that should be available at the same time the game launches. While the news regarding the console is still a rumor at this stage, Microsoft has revealed a Titanfall edition controller for the Xbox One earlier this month that features a similar design.

In other Microsoft-related news, it has been revealed that Halo 5 is set to launch in 2015, and that Halo 2 will get an Anniversary edition that will feature 1080p content. A limited edition Halo war bundle will see ports of Halo 3 and Halo 4 for Xbox One. 343 Industries will be making the Halo 2 Anniversary edition. In addition, Microsoft is also making a live-action Halo TV series that will debut alongside the next Halo game.

The only news that has been corroborated thus far is the information that the white color variant of the Xbox One would launch sometime in October.