Tizen Linux Nexus 7

Samsung’s upcoming Tizen platform (co-developed by Intel) is almost here, with leaked handset images indicating a launch some time in the next few months. But if you can’t wait, here’s a video showcasing Tizen on the Google Nexus 7.

Trust a Google Nexus product to run it all (Yes yes, the HTC HD2 as well), with the latest new feat being Tizen, up and running comfortably on the Nexus 7. A little background on Tizen: originally linked with MeeGo, the project was shut down after Nokia backed out and entered into partnership with Microsoft. Tizen is the lovechild of Samsung and Intel, a partial continuation of the MeeGo dream (but doesn’t look alike, for that you should check out Jolla Sailfish) with its latest 2.1 version expected to debut on smartphones (and possibly tablets) later this year.

Have a look at the video and tell us what you feel:

In the video, the Nexus 7 is shown running an early port of Tizen 2.0. Enthusiasts should be pleased to know that using the “MultiROM” tool, you can dual-boot Android and Tizen on your favorite tablet. Developers interested in compiling Tizen can simply follow the instructions posted at Tizen Experts. For more info, hit the source links posted below.

Also, for the reader’s benefit, we decided to include a video showcasing Tizen 2.0 on a phone (Samsung) as well:

Source: Tizen Experts Video page, Tizen Port