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TMS introduces 900GB PCIe SSD

Texas Memory Systems (TMS) has introduced its new PCIe SSD RamSan-70 which uses Toshiba's latest 32nm SLC Flash. Read on.

The RamSan-70 uses a half length PCIe card while delivering 330,000 random read IOPS and 2GB/s of bandwidth. The total usable storage capacity amounts to 900GB. The RamSan-70 uses TMS new series-7 Flash Controller, allowing the handling of flash management functions without impacting the host CPU. The RamSan-70 is expected to have a life span of 6-10 years.

Other features include:

  • The World's Fastest Storage®: Sustained I/O rates up to 330,000 IOPS (at 4K block sizes) for reads or 160,000 IOPS for writes, and bandwidth up to 2 GB/second.
  • Next-Generation Series-7™ Product Family: RamSan Series-7 is the 7th generation of the RamSan product family, originating from the first RamSan in 2000. All Series-7 RamSan products deliver cost-effective performance and reliability.
  • PCIe Interface: The RamSan-70 is an internal SSD that uses the fast, ubiquitous PCIe Generation 2 x8 connection. PCIe connectivity can be a powerful feature for high-end workstations, smaller reporting database systems, and other environments where an internal solution is an advantage.
  • Small Form Factor: While many PCIe SSDs are built on full-length cards, the RamSan-70 uses a half-length card. This smaller form factor means that the RamSan-70 can be added to a wider range of servers.
  • Fault Tolerant Flash (FTF): The Flash used in the RamSan-70 is enterprise grade SLC Flash. The RamSan-70 includes on-board RAID protection to protect against chip failure. An advanced chip-level ECC provides multiple regions of bit correction per block.
  • Wear Leveling: The RamSan-70 includes wear-leveling technology that protects the underlying Flash media by spreading out writes and maximizing the write life of the system.
  • Completely Non-Volatile: Flash memory is inherently non-volatile, and onboard capacitors keep RAM used for translation tables powered long enough for dumping data in the event of a power loss, so no time is wasted rebuilding tables when power goes down.
  • Scalable PCIe: The RamSan-70’s standard configuration includes 450 GB of Flash storage. However, a mezzanine card adds another 450 GB for a total of 900 GB of usable capcity in one standard half-length PCIe slot.

See the full specifications at the TMS website.

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