Toshiba announces the successful development of a new camera module aimed for smartphone and tablet use. The new camera module is claimed to be the world's thinnest module ever developed to date.

Toshiba Semiconductor & Storage Products Company had recently unveiled on March 28, 2013 a new thin form factor (1/3.07-inch) CMOS camera module that is made to be installed and used on smartphones and tablet computers. It is designated as the TCM9930MD, and Toshiba claims that it is currently the world's thinnest camera module.

The TCM9930MD uses a 13-megapixel CMOS image sensor. The camera module was able to achieve such small and thin size due to a number of combined design techniques, the most notable of which is the use of an upgraded flip chip design (a design technique in semiconductor manufacture) that further thinned the module down to 4.7 millimeters. The TCM9930MD also employed the standard use of a systems LSI compatible lens that is claimed to further augment its "thin and efficient" design theme.

Samples of the camera module will be available for export and international purchase around May 2013. The cost of one sample module is 7,000 yen (74 USD). Mass production of the modules is projected to start by the end of the year around December 2013.

Source: ITMedia (JP)