In low power consumption mode, the Core Duo Processor onboard the Notebook
drops it’s multiplier to 6x and runs at 1GHz to prolong battery life. It is
still very usable at this speed when surfing internet, typing emails and word

In the full performance mode, Core Duo onboard runs at 10x Multiplier to give
you 1660MHz.

PC Mark 05 evaluates your system overall performance, and this would
translate to performance you get running your daily tasks, excel spreadsheets,
virus scanning, etc.

3331 PC Marks is actually very decent for this Notebook… in fact a pretty
high score in the Notebook category.

Very strong arithmetic power there due to the Core architecture of the CPU.
Beats an AMD Opteron 2.6GHz in this area!

Very decent Memory bandwidth on this little sweetheart as well….

As like the arithmetic test, the numbers crunching power of the Core
architecture is clearly seen when we ran SuperPi calculation tests. 36 seconds
to complete a 1M run is very fast considering it is running at just 1.66GHz and
relatively low Front Side Bus Speed of 166MHz. This should be on par with
majority of home-user PCs, which is lovely for the small mobile package she lies