Tay Choon Song, senior manager of marketing services/ebusiness, south and southeast Asia, Digital Products and Service Group, Toshiba Singapore, said that the digital lifestyle is accelerating – for music, it is extremely common to download digital music; for videos, network streaming player sales have increased; and games are increasingly distributed via digital downloads.

"We want to allow easy access of digital entertainment anywhere and everywhere by using devices that suit the users, be it at home, at work or outside shopping with the family. But where you access the digital entertainment will determine the ideal screen size for you. For example, at your workplace, the ideal screen size is 13-inch, while at home at your desk, it could be between 10- to 23-inch. And when you are outdoors, the ideal screen size could be 7- or 10-inch on a light, portable device, allowing you to access all the information you need" Tay said.

And here are some more pictures of the models with the new Toshiba products:-