A look at the bottom of the Notebook:

This is where the 100GB 2.5" Hard Disk Drive is stored:


Around the bottom are ventilation grills to allow the components breathing air
and keep internals cool. The particular portion you see below is the cavity
which houses the vital components such as the CPU:


On the back left you’ve got the A/C power connector, the Ethernet port and RJ11


On the back right of the Notebook is the S-Video port so you can hook this up to
a TV.



On the most left of the right side of the Notebook is the volume control for
audio. Right next to it are the speaker/headphones port and 2 USD 2.0 ports.

Then we come to the DVD/CD Writable Rom. At the end is the Serial port.


Right side of Notebook, first you have the VGA out connector so you can hook
this Notebook up to a projector or Monitor for presentations. Then you come to
the ventilation grill, which the Notebook pushes the warm air out from. This is
usually slow and silent but picks up when the temperature inside exceeds a
certain level. 


You also have 2 PCMIA, 1 SD Card reader, another USB2.0.


The battery pack: Longevity test results later


The power Adapter