3D TVs are getting popular these days, but in order to enjoy the full 3D experience, you would need to wear the 3D glasses provided for use, which can be a hassle to many. Well, Toshiba has just unveiled their new 3D TVs which don’t require the use of the 3D glasses.

Toshiba has announced two new Regza 3D TVs, 12- and 20-inches, which claim to not require 3D glasses, unlike the conventional ones on the market today. However, there are limitations such as viewing angle and distance from the screen; suggested viewing distance for the 20-inch model is 0.9m while the 12-inch is 0.65m, in order to achieve similar 3D experience.

Both models are scheduled to go on sale in Japan close to end of December this year. According to the Japanese manufacturer, the 12-inch will retail at about 120,000 yen (S$1,900), while the 20-inch will sell at 240,000 yen (S$3,800). No word as to when the TVs will be made available outside of Japan yet.

Source: CBC News