Hirobo, a popular Japanese based model maker for remote controlled planes and helicopters, recently unveiled a full size version of their line.  This latest helicopter is designed for one person and will be battery powered.

The new, battery-powered, helicopter from Hirobo will be called the “HX-1”, and will have contra-rotating rotors that incorporates a ‘fly by wire’ control system.  Its flight time will be approximately 30 minutes and has the capability to be flown either by the person riding it or with a remote control unit.  Currently, the helicopters have only been tested hovering, but the company stated that human flight tests will begin in early 2013.


While the popular remote control helicopters normally made by Hirobo are known to be of great quality, this is the first full size endeavor created by them.  This scaled up single-seat helicopter is made in the same way as their smaller units, and uses a very similar style of flight control with flight speeds up to 60MPH.  The company stated that since it can be flown using the fly-by-wire or remote, that it might be useful in helping with search and rescue or what most people would use it for – entertainment purposes.

If you would like one of these toys it’s not going to be cheap.  The base price for one helicopter will run you about 375,000 U.S. dollars, and may be ready sometime later in 2013.



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