What's better than a car that has a stylish and futuristic design? How about one whereby the entire exterior is an external display? Japanese car maker Toyota has recently unveiled their Fun-Vii concept car whose exterior is also an external display.

Toyota has recently showcased their Fun-Vii concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show at Tokyo Big Sight in Koto Ward, whose exterior can be used as external display, and the interior can also be adjusted to fit the driver's mood. According to the company's executives, the design was influenced by modern smartphones whereby the handheld can be personalized, from the skin, home page etc. The three-seater concept car's external display can be adjusted to modify the car's color, while the interior of the Fun-Vii can be configured and with adjustable colors and tints for various portions of the car. But when powered off, the exterior is jet black (as above pic). Being a concept car, there is no word as to whether the Toyota Fun-Vii will ever be produced.

Source: PC Magazine

Here's a video of the Toyota Fun-Vii that was showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show

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