The Transducer concept phone was recently unveiled which boasts to be the ideal translator between you and the caller. One noteable feature is that it can translate incoming calls to your preferred language and vice versa. If the Transducer become available for purchase in stores, would you consider getting one?

Communication is important in day to day life, with English being the most commonly used language. Having said that, it can be inconvenient when there's language barrier between individuals. (We can't assume everybody know how to communicate in English).

Recently, Jasper Hou, a designer of Yanko Design, has come up with the Transducer concept phone. The biggest appeal of the Transducer is that it can translate languages on the fly, to your desired language, whether you are talking to the individual on the phone or even reading newspaper.

Other features include built-in GPS, transparent LCD display and you can also use the phone to communicate with hearing and sight impaired folks.