Transmeta Efficeon CPU Roadmap


Q4 2003



1.3GHz / 14W
1.2Ghz / 12W
1.1Ghz / 7W
1Ghz / 5W
2.0GHz / 25W
1.8Ghz / 12W
1.6Ghz / 7W
1.4Ghz / 5W
1.0Ghz / 3W
> 2.0Ghz

TM8600: 1MB L2 (29×29mm)
TM8300: 512KB L2 (29×29mm)
TM8620: 1MB L2 (21×21mm)
TM8800: 1MB L2
TM8500: 512KB L2
TM8820: 1MB L2
Higher Performance
Extended Power Range
New Features

Process Technology
Efficeon Gen. 1
(TSMC 130nm, 119mm2)
Efficeon Gen. 2
(Fujitsu 90nm, 68mm2)
Efficeon Gen. 3 (65nm/90nm)

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