Steven Ogg, the voice actor who lent his voice to GTA V‘s well-known murderous psychopath Trevor Philips, recounts his experiences with m0-capping the game’s infamous torture scene which he called “another day at the office”.

GTAV Torture Scene

The torture sequence in Grand Theft Auto V has been seen as brutal and distastefully offensive by many, and serves as one of the most shocking moments during the game’s story mode. The unskippable sequence forces players to choose their method from a variety of wicked tools commonly associated with torture; from car batteries and jumper cables to pliers or a wrench, the scene presents on-screen queues for players–such as rotating the joysticks to rip out the victim’s tooth.

One of the most controversial moments is when Trevor pushes the victim–who is strapped in to a wooden chair–onto his back and then proceeds to waterboard him for information (despite the fact that he knows the man is innocent).

At this year’s New York Comic-Con, Steven Ogg recounted what it was like mo-capping the controversial scene. According to Ogg, the scene was “just another day at the office”, comparing it to any other scene from the game.

During each session, actors were fitted in the humorous mo-cap suits–those tight spandex outfits covered with little balls–and they were more worried about getting through the scene without any mistakes than the moral implications of the scene itself.

Stephen Ogg

Ogg continued by saying he was more concerned about bumping into another actor and messing up the sequence rather than the ethics of Trevor’s actions. It would indeed be difficulty to play this particular role considering Trevor is doing or saying something obscene or terrible every other scene.

It will be interesting to see if Rockstar makes the decision to pull the scene from future copies of Grand Theft Auto V similar to the way that San Andreas was censored. This is but one of the many morally questionable and outrageous moments that are featured in the game, however it remains one of the more shocking and subsequently memorable scenes throughout the story.

Steven Ogg has since become a gaming icon for his portrayal as the universally well-liked Trevor Philips, and has proven to be a gracious and likable person off-screen. Ogg even went so far as to meet a fan’s request during the NYCC panel, who asked the renown voice actor to channel Trevor and deliver a harsh “f*** you!”–which Ogg obliged with frightening intensity.