Hardware Test Setup

  • Intel Pentium 4 3Ghz (800Mhz FSB)
  • EPoX 4PCA3+ 875P (Dual Channel DDR400, SPD)
  • TwinMOS PC3700 DDR466 SDRAM x 2
  • Seagate
    Barracuda V 120GB SATA Hard Drive
  • Hercules Radeon 9700 Pro (325/310Mhz)
  • Triplex Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB (380/340Mhz)
  • Inno3D Tornado GeForce FX 5800 @ FX5800
    Ultra 128MB (500/1000Mhz)
  • NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900 Ultra 256MB

Drivers, BIOS, OS
Test Setup

  • Windows XP
    Professional SP1

  • Intel Chipset
    Software 5.00.12

  • NVIDIA Detonator 44.03
  • ATi Catalyst 3.4
  • Desktop resolution
    1024x768x32, 75Hz

  • DirectX 9.0a


  • 3DMark2001 SE Build 330

  • 3DMark2003 Build 320
  • Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo

  • CodeCreatures
    1.0 Pro
  • SplinterCell
    v1.2b – Max Details,

    "Class 1" adaptors

  • Quake III
    Arena 1.30 Four.DM3 – High Quality Mode

  • Serious Sam SE
    1.5b VRZ Demo – Beyond3D Extreme Quality

Testing Methods

have conducted our tests using without AA and AF
enabled as the baseline scores for those who
play games especially First Person Shooting with
no intention of sacrificing precious frame rates
in exchange of better image quality.  We have
used Application Preferences with High Quality
Texture and Mipmap Details for our baselines

Definitely, there is another group of gamers who
wish to have a good mix of image quality without
sacrificing too many frame rates so we have set
to 4xAA and 8xAF for best combination and use
the Quality mode of the Anisotropic Filtering.

image quality tests with different modes of AA
and AF, you may refer over