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Turn an old Android tablet with HDMI out into Chromecast with free app

There’s an alternative to Chromecast, and if you have an old HDMI-enabled Android tablet sitting around you can make yourself a poor man’s Chromecast for free using CheapCast.


When it comes to streaming media via an Android-powered device, there are plenty of options, but with an app called CheapCast, people can essentially turn any HDMI-enabled Android device into a Chromecast.  The App itself is free, and getting it to work (if you’re lucky) is also extremely easy.

First, grab CheapCast from Google play and install on both your Android devices.  Next, plug in your HDMI-capable Android device to a TV/monitor and start up CheapCast.  Lastly, run CheapCast on your “remote” control Android device and scan for the device that’s already plugged into the TV, and once the two are connected you’re all set to start remote controlling what you want to view.

Currently, CheapCast is compatible with services like Google Play’s Music, Movies and TV, YouTube, and other streaming services like Netflix.

The main requirement of CheapCast is that both of the devices running the app must have WiFi capabilities and that they’re connected to the same network.

This nifty app won’t be a permanent solution if you’re looking into a dedicated Android TV stick, but it’ll be a cool little DIY gig if you have some time to kill.  At the moment, though, user reviews are somewhat mixed as the app doesn’t work for everyone.

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