The thing that made the BH5 ram chips so popular was its ability
to run very aggressive timings, which equates to significant performance boost
in applications that are hungry for memory bandwidth such as games. Therefore
it is a MUST to test the memory at these aggressive settings:

With these aggressive settings, here is how the memory scales
with voltage:



– Similar to our previous tests, the difference in the
overclockability of the memory before and after burn-in is quite big, especially
when the memory voltage is turned up.

– The memory is only able to take high voltages above
3.4v after burning in. Before this, 3.5v and above would cause much instability
at these memory settings.

– For users who are not as fortunate to have the high
memory voltages offered by the DFI nf4 board, 225Mhz with aggressive memory
settings can be expected.

– Even though the memory can run stably at 3.9v, there
is not much improvement after 3.7v at this setting. The memory somewhat surprised
me when it scaled 5Mhz steps when going from 3.6v to 3.7v. This memory sure
does love the voltages!


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